Learn about your options for allowing users access to Workplace.



This guide describes Username and Password authentication in detail. Every user account that needs to sign in to Workplace must have a unique username associated with that account, and a password separate from any passwords they use on Facebook.

Password Management

Reset password as an admin

Resetting password as an Administrator

To reset account passwords, log in as an Administrator who has the permission to add and remove accounts. Once you're logged in you can complete the following steps to reset an account password:

Go to the Admin Panel and navigate to the People section.

Search for the user whose password you want to reset.

Click the ... button and select Force Password Reset.

The user will have their credentials reset and a claim email will be sent to them to set up a new password.

Reset password as a user

Resetting password as a user

Users can reset their password by following the next steps.

Go to the Settings menu and navigate to Security and Login section.

Select Edit in the Change Password sub-section.

Enter the current password and the new password for the account.

For additional protection, a prompt will ask if you would like to review the devices that your account is logged in on.
Users can only reset their own passwords if SSO is not enabled. If SSO is enabled password reset process is managed by the configured Identity Provider.
Forgot your password?

Forgot your password?

If you forgot your Workplace password, the easiest way to reset it is:

Navigate to your company's Workplace login page.

Fill in your username and click Continue.

Click Forgotten your password? and enter your username. Click Next.

If you have a corporate email address assigned, a 6-digit code will be delivered via email to reset your account's password.

If you don't have a corporate email address, administrators will be able to provide a new access code for resetting your password.
Password policies

Password Policies

Password Length

Passwords are required to be complex and at least 8 characters long. They can't contain known dictionary words or common easy-to-guess passwords.

Password Retries

If users enter their password incorrectly more than 20 times, they will be locked out of their account for a period of time before they can retry.

Default Password

There is currently no way in which Admins can set a default password for Workplace accounts.