Strategic Announcements

Give employees timely access to key announcements and keep them informed and aligned with company strategy.

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It's not enough to just tell your employees what the business strategy is and expect them to feel engaged and informed. If employees understand what needs to be done and what their role is in achieving this, they can align their efforts to the strategy.

From creating company-wide news groups that keep everyone up-to-date to Live broadcasting your internal briefings and Town Halls, Workplace can help close the distance from top to bottom within your organization and strengthen employee awareness and understanding of core strategic announcements.

How to do it in Workplace

Create a company news group1. Create a company news group

Create a company-wide news group to ensure that everyone is kept up to date with key strategic announcements as they happen. Mark the group as Official so that employees know the group is the official channel for all company-wide announcements. Pin a post to the top of the group page letting everyone know what the group will be used for.

Make the group a default group so that you can reach everyone in one place with the latest news from across the business.

Learn how to make a group a default group in the Workplace Help Center.

Disable opt-out2. Disable opt-out

Every company needs to know that there is one place that all employees are able to keep up with key announcements and developments. By automatically adding your employees to a company-wide news group and disabling opt-out with a custom integration, you can ensure that all your employees are kept up-to-date.

Limit posts to admin-only3. Limit posts to admin-only

To ensure the quality of posts in this official channel, you can limit who can post directly in the group by setting the group to admin-only posts.

Give everyone a voice with Q&A posts and polls4. Give everyone a voice with Q&A posts and polls

Enable two-way cross-company dialogue with Q&A posts. Q&A posts allow you gather questions from across the organization and share your responses in an open and transparent way with no video required. When you create a Q&A post in a group, all members of that group will receive a notification and will be able to ask questions on the Q&A post. Group members will also be able to upvote and downvote questions and reply to other group members.

For important company announcements, consider hosting a Q&A using Live Video. To prepare for the Q&A, share a poll in your company-wide news group, inviting employees to add their questions and to vote on ones they'd like to see answered.

Bring announcements to life with Live5. Bring announcements to life with Live

Bring the announcement to life by having your executive team Live broadcast from your quarterly financial results, press conference, internal briefing, town hall or their desk (recorded via phone, computer or professional camera thanks to our API). And receive real-time company-wide feedback through likes, comments, and reactions. Live broadcasts automatically post in your group page, so anyone that misses the event can catch up later.

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PRO TIP: if your business is spread across multiple locations book a meeting room / space within each office where employees can gather to watch the broadcast together, making it a community event.

Pin the Live broadcast6. Pin the Live broadcast

Ensure those who were “out of the office” catch the Live broadcast when they get back by pinning the recorded video to the top of the News group

Mark announcements as important7. Mark announcements as key updates

Give strategic announcements a boost with the 'Key Updates' feature and ensure that content is surfaced at the top of everyone's News Feed. Employees will be asked to mark the post as 'read'. System admins, content moderators and custom admin roles with the 'Mark as Key Update' permission will be able to track stats on 'Seen by' and 'Marked as read', as well as on comments and reactions.



  • Strengthen employee awareness by keeping employees connected and informed about company activities.
  • Improve employee health and satisfaction scores by unblocking the free-flow of information around core business announcements.
  • Get real-time employee insight on your organization's strategic announcements.

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Success stories

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