Workplace Key Updates

Supercharge the impact of your most important posts to make sure your message is seen by the right people - both on and off Workplace.

Make priority messages unmissable with Key Updates

Prioritize important company information with Workplace Key Updates. Let group members see your announcements by pinning them to the top of their News Feed for instant attention.

Get maximum attention

Choose the post you want to highlight at the top of the News Feed, and allocate a high, medium or low urgency level, depending on the importance of your announcement. If you’re an admin, you can mark posts as key updates to appear at the top of the News Feed for seven days.

Give it a nudge

You can make sure your message doesn’t fall on deaf ears by using the ‘Email your audience’ push notification as a reminder for people who haven’t engaged with your key update yet.

Measure your post’s impact

If you’re a Workplace admin, you can track the status of your key updates, including people’s comments and reactions, as well as see who’s already viewed the posts in the Post Insights section.

Preview important news

You can get a sneak peek of important company messages by viewing key update previews at the top of the News Feed, as well as within email notifications on mobile.

View historical posts

You can check an old key update at any time, even after it’s past its boost date. Old or read key updates sit under the ‘Unread’ filter and you can still view them even after they are read.

Cut through the noise with high priority posts

Make sure your organization’s most critical and time-sensitive information is never missed. With Workplace Key Updates, you can highlight urgent and priority posts for up to a week to make sure important company news is always front and center for those who really need to see it. Key Updates also has an insights panel to help you see how your posts are performing so you can identify the information that’s getting the most attention.

Key Updates FAQs

Choose a post from your group, click on the menu and select ‘Mark as Key Update’. All key updates can be seen in the ‘Key Updates’ folder which is accessible from the prompt above the News Feed. While the Key Updates feature is available on mobile, you can only mark your posts as key updates on the web. Find out more in the Help Center.

Workplace admins are able to mark any post as a Key Update. The Key Updates feature now replaces the Important Posts permission in the Admin Panel, but admins can give ‘Mark as Key Updates’ permissions to other users if they choose to. Find out more about managing admin permissions.

Admins can access insights for posts that are marked as Key Updates in all open and closed groups they are a member of. Post creators and drafters can access post insights by clicking on the ‘Insights’ icon in the groups page, followed by ‘Access Insights’ in the Admin Panel.

"We’re getting 95%+ of our people seeing my posts. So I know I’m not just talking into a canyon; that I’m talking to the company and the company is talking back."

Blaine Callard

CEO, Freedom

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